About Me….

Hi, I am Colin Paxton and I have been a professional photographer for many years….since 1983 when I joined my local paper – the North Wales Weekly News – as a junior press photographer. They dispatched me off to Sheffield so the NCTJ could teach me stuff so I could be a senior press photographer (more pay!). Following this, I left. 

I joined the Liverpool Daily Post under contract for a few years before becoming freelance. Since then I have worked for newspapers, magazines, websites….major clients such as B.T. and the National Trust, flown in helicopters (RAF Mountain Rescue – taking pictures not being rescued!), sailed on a round the world racing yacht (only for a few hours but it was fast!), flown through a forest in a turbo-charged rally car…..I get the job done.

And when I am not taking pictures, I enjoy playing loud riffs on my guitar!

I am based in Rhos On Sea, Conwy and cover…well where do you want me? I hope you enjoy my pictures and look forward to hearing from you and indeed working with you.